Floating & Pregnancy

Pregnancy Float Benefits

A lot of first-time expectant mums are nervous and stressed leading up to the birth of their baby.


Not only is your body going through massive changes physically and hormonally, there’s also a lot to do prior to bub’s arrival. Lets not to forget mum’s that already have a toddler or young child to care for also!

Regular float sessions will literally have you floating your way through pregnancy with a heightened sense of calmness and clarity, a positive mindset and wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Prior to your floats, we will inform you of the most comfortable and the recommended pregnancy float positions to ensure maximum comfort and relief with every float.  We also supply additional pillows and pool noodles to ensure you have the most relaxed and healthy pregnancy float possible.


Due to common first trimester side effects such as nausea, the industry recommends floating  between weeks 12-37 of your pregnancy.


While most GPs and midwives have no concern with pregnant women floating, we recommend checking in with them first to get the all clear. 

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Pain Relief

 Floating feels great anytime, but it is particularly helpful as your baby grows. Almost all women experience physical discomfort during pregnancy, the added pressure on their lower back, their tummy, inflammation and swollen ankles are almost a given.

Stress Relief

Floating lowers your body’s levels of cortisol, the main chemical component of stress and the brain then releases elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness. Not only will you emerge feeling relaxed, happy and rejuvenated, the effects can last for days after also.

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Insomnia Relief

Floating has been shown to help women struggling with insomnia get a better night’s sleep. One hour in the pod is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep and it is a natural alternative to sleep-inducing medications that many women prefer to avoid during pregnancy. The effects from floating can last for several days post your float which can help to create a healthier sleep routine.

Exciting Research

Enjoy this video from Alaskan float centre owners and Mid Wives, Kirsten and Lena, who also run a birth centre.


They present on some exciting findings from studies they’ve been running out of their facilities.


Float Introductory


3 floats for the price of 2 so you can experience the full benefits of a regular float practice