Theragun Percussive Therapy

The Theragun is a kinetically powered, handheld device that does similar work to a foam roller but with a lot less effort. Its powerful motor is scientifically-calibrated for optimal results, It uses percussive therapy to pummel sore muscles 2,400 times per minute (40 per second), reaching deep into the tissue to essentially vibrate the pain away. This might sound like a lot, but the high speed is designed to override the pain signals in your brain, making the treatment more comfortable than a manual massage.  


The triangular shape of the massage gun is ergonomically sound and perfectly weighted to allow the user to treat themselves to a 10 minute full body massage. The gun has an amplitude of 16mm, allowing it to reach deep into the muscle tissue to work its tension-relieving magic – around 60 per cent deeper than consumer-grade vibration massagers. This deep, rapid pulsing of your muscle fibres stimulates your nervous system, encouraging heat and blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients in, while at the same time, clearing waste products out.

The benefits of percussive therapy go far beyond the initial release. Its use can aid in future performance and injury prevention. 

The main focus of percussive therapy at True North Float  is to improve sports performance and aid in recovery. Beyond those reasons, there are many benefits to be gained by the use of the Theragun.

Why Theragun with us

Housed within our Wellness and Recovery Studio is a private & beautifully appointed Reboot Room which allows for an all Inclusive experience for up to 2 people;  including filtered water, herbal tea, Big screen TV with all streaming services.

The combination of our carefully curated spaces, experienced staff and Theragun Percussive Massage sessions, ensures you will move better, feel better & live better... today! 


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Theragun Benefits


Manage Pain

Research from Oxford University has found that deep brain stimulation can have natural pain-relieving effects.Percussive therapy can create high frequency stimulations that can block or mask the pain.

The vibration and amplitude produced by our Thergun can send signals to the brain faster than pain signals can travel, effectively overriding and therefore decreasing the initial / chronic pain experienced.

Compression Therapy

Improve Circulation

Percussion massage, although relaxing, can really get your blood pumping! The vibrations created by our Theragun percussion massager can help to increase your blood flow. This increase in blood circulation can reduce inflammation and tension in the muscles.


Enhance Athletic Performance

Percussion massage technique works aggressively, deep into your muscles.

This increases your blood circulation and the distribution of oxygen, particularly in the area that the treatment is applied.


Break Down Scar Tissue

Massage as a therapy in general, is known for helping to break down scar tissue. Percussion massage is considered to be as effective.

The reason for this is because it works deeper into the muscles, breaking down the collagen fibres that can cause restricted movement.

Sports therapists will actually use percussive devices on patients with scar tissue to help improve flexibility and speed up recovery.


Aid Recovery from Injury

Theragun percussive massage can speed up the recovery process as it creates contractions that can strengthen your muscles, even when you’re not able to participate in exercise.

Effectively, it’s working your muscles when you can’t, helping to prevent muscle atrophy, and getting you back on your feet (and in the gym!) quicker than you would without it.


Prevent DOMS soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain that you feel a day or two after a particularly strenuous workout.

This soreness is thought to occur as a result of microscopic damage to the muscle fibres that were worked during the exercise.

Research has shown percussive massage to be just as effective as a hands on massage when treating DOMS.

The treatment, when delivered through our Theragun, can break up fibrous adhesions, relaxing tight muscles and significantly reducing soreness.