Terms & Conditions

General Statement on Privacy, Personal Data, and Communications: In using the True North Float website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, password, and for restricting access to your computer or device. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and password.

User Provided Information: True North Float does not collect any personal information about individuals except when it is knowingly provided via the client registration form in order to make online purchases or undertake a floatation session. True North Float may use the information provided to contact you with important information. Personal information provided is for internal use only and will not be shared with external third parties without your permission.

Security Statement: True North Float makes every effort to ensure that all online transactions made on the site are secure. True North Float uses the Square Payment Gateway Service which encrypts all debit and credit payment information and has the world’s highest payment security accreditation – Payment Card Industry (PCI) – Level 1.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel/reschedule your appointment without any charge up to 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment, will be charged at the full price of the scheduled appointment. If you fail to give notice, you will be charged at the full price of the scheduled appointment.

Online Bookings: All bookings made online are pre-paid. To purchase a single session or a series of sessions, clients can create an account by registering their details, select an item/s for purchase and make a booking. Take note of the relevant conditions for each option. Please note all prices are subject to change. True North Float only accepts True North Floatation Gift Cards, Mastercard and Visa as payment.

Pricing: Pricing of our products and services are subject to change.

Payment Methods: True North Float only accepts Mastercard and Visa for online purchases as well as eftpos in store and direct debit for memberships.

Bookings: All bookings for the float, sauna, compression boots & IV Treatments must be pre-paid. If the client is paying with a voucher, the voucher number will be recorded at the time of booking and used to secure the session. On the day of booking, the client is able to use the over the phone payments to upgrade to a series of floats. All prices are subject to change, True North Float accepts True North Floatation Gift Cards, Cash, Mastercard and Visa as payment in store.

Online Payments: Online credit card payments made to True North Float will appear as True North Float on credit card statements. Online credit bookings are finalised purchases and cannot be used to contribute to other services in store.

  • Session passes: are valid for 6 months (180days) * from the date of purchase unless otherwise stipulated. Sessions are non-refundable. Session passes may be shareable where specified, otherwise are for individual use only

  • The Introductory 3 Float & Infrared Special Offer: of three 1 hour floats & three 45 min infrared sessions for the listed price is valid for 3 months (90 days) * from the date of purchase. Each client is only eligible to purchase the introductory offers once. It is non-transferable and non-refundable. If a client is gifted the Introductory Offer and has already redeemed one previously, they are ineligible to redeem a second Introductory Offer. The value of the Gift Card can then contribute to the purchase of another service, pack or product purchase in store.


Membership: Our membership can only be terminated if the client has fulfilled the minimum monthly direct debits. Unless terminated, direct debits will continue until further notice. Membership credits are shareable but non-refundable. If a member seeks to cease payment, two weeks notice is required to transact the cessation.

Membership Payment Information: True North Float will only retain payment information when authorised to do so via a Square Direct Debit request form. Once entered, payment information is encrypted in your client profile.

Direct debit payments: Payments made to True North Float will appear as “True North Float” on your bank statements.

Failed Membership Payments: When a scheduled membership payment is declined, the payment gateway Square will automatically send an email to notify the client and reattempt the payment on consecutive business days until approved. Dishonoured payments attract an administration charge, this cost will be passed onto the member as part outlined in the agreement. True North Float reserves the right to terminate a membership contract due to consecutive failed membership payments.

Membership Suspension: Memberships may be suspended for up to 6 months. If a client is unsure of when they would like to recommence their membership, provided the client has fulfilled the minimum direct debits, the contract may be terminated at the members request.

Gift Cards: E-Cards can be purchased online, physical cards can be purchased in store. Cards cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. Nor can they be returned or redeemed for cash.

True North Float Gift Cards entitles the holder to goods/services equal to the value stated on the Gift Card or remaining value after partial redemption. Gift Cards contain value which can be used to purchase goods and services at True North Float and the online retail store. The Gift Card must be presented in order to be redeemed in whole or part of the card’s balance.

The value shown on the Gift Card includes GST and can be redeemed for any service or product online or in store. Purchases exceeding the available balance require the Gift Card holder to pay the difference in price between the value of the Gift Card and the retail price of the goods and services.

All service and product prices are subject to change. The price of the purchase is the advertised price on the day the gift voucher is redeemed.

True North Float is not responsible for sourcing the gift card number should you fail to present your Gift Card. Gift Cards are strictly non-refundable and valid for 3 years from purchase date unless otherwise stipulated*. Introductory 3 Float Gift Card valid for 3 months only and special promos are exempt.


Age Limit:

FLOAT – You must be at least 16 years of age to float. If you are under 16, you can register and use the site, however a parent or guardian will be required to attend your scheduled appointment to sign the client waiver in person. Any clients under 16 will require parental permission and supervision to float. Please speak to our staff for your individual enquiry.

INFRARED – You must be at least 16 years old to use the Infrared Sauna. It is not recommended to use the Infrared Sauna whilst pregnant.

Compression Boots- If you are under 16, you can register and use the site, however a parent or guardian will be required to attend your scheduled appointment to sign the client waiver in person.

Physical Readiness: True North Float reserves the right to turn clients away if they do not have the correct medical clearance or present in a state that would cause risk to themselves or others. Please allow 30 days from the time of receiving your last COVID19 vaccination.

Water Sanitation: True North Float maintains the highest standard of hygiene and sanitation of the pod water. Water contaminated by the client with solutions i.e. oils, products i.e. hair colour, tanning solutions or human bodily fluids i.e. excrement, agree to incur the financial expense of water replacement and loss of business, at a cost of $2,500.

Policy Changes: True North Flotation reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. By using the site, you agree to any revised changes. It is recommended that users review this document periodically to stay informed.

Acceptance of Terms: Use of the site signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated in this document, including any revised changes.

Complaints & Feedback: At True North Float, we take all complaints and feedback seriously. We see them as an opportunity to improve on our service to our clients. We endeavour to take action in a structured way to ensure equity and equality for all involved. Any client or an NDIS participant may contact us: in person, email, phone, via a third party on your behalf or anonymously. Once received, True North will review it and make every attempt to resolve the matter within 48 hours.  The complaint will be managed through our complaint management process to resolution. The complainant, and associate, will be informed of the outcome in writing.

* Unredeemed gift cards, passes and offers past their specified expiry date will be null and void