Recovery Zone

True North Float's Recovery Zone gives you the space to focus on releasing, stretching, massaging and mobilising your tight, sore and worn-out muscles. 

Access the latest recovery technology that elite athletes have been using for years. Our equipment includes state-of-the-art massage guns, Hyperice Heat and Massage wearables for shoulders and lower back, Hyperice Vibrating foam rollers, Hyperice trigger point balls, stretch bands of varying tensions and a market leading spin bike for active recovery sessions

Use of all this specialist gear is complimentary with any of our Pay As you Go Memberships Take advantage of this premium high-tech recovery space at True North Float so you can Move Better | Feel Better | Live Better... Today!

Why Recover With Us

Unlock your performance, fitness and health gains through advanced methods that elite athletes have been using for years. With the Recovery Zone, they’re now available to you! True North Float can help you achieve your goals, regardless of who you are, using a holistic yet science based approach to recovery.  

We provide more than just state-of-the-art technology and equipment, We also provide support and education.


Revolutionise the way you Rest | Recover | Rejuvenate in our premium, high-tech recovery zone, only at True North Float -Wellness & Recovery Studio. 


Revolutionise your Rest | Recovery | Rejuvenation

Recovery Zone Benefits 



Static stretching initially reduces blood flow, capillary oxygenation, and the velocity of red blood cells to the muscle; but all of this significantly increases after the stretch. Temporarily reducing and then increasing blood flow can speed up recovery by improving the delivery of nutrients such as glycogen and protein, whilst simultaneously removing metabolic waste.

Static stretching is also an effective means for improving flexibility by causing changes to both the mechanical properties of the muscle-tendon unit and decreasing neural excitability. 

Further, regular static stretching has been shown to increase both the short- and long-term activity of your Parasympathetic Nervous System. This key component of your nervous system is associated with whole body relaxation - a vital part of recovery.


Massage Guns/Vibrating Rollers/Wearable Heat massagers

Myofacia are connective tissue that wrap around your muscles and bones providing structural support. Tightness in the myofacia after exercise can cause restrictions in joint range of motion and local blood flow, hindering you after a good workout.

By using our Vibrating  rollers, massage guns/balls etc., you can loosen up the muscles and reduce these inhibiting adhesions that may form between layers of myofacia.

Applying compression to the muscles with a vibrating roller, massage gun/ wearable heat massager also sends a signal to the brain that tells it to relax the muscle, which can improve range of motion. They can also help to reduce the sensation of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) following exercise, training or game day.


Active Recovery - Spin Bike & Yoga Stretches

Active recovery involves performing low-intensity exercise either following a strenuous workout / training day or on a rest day. Active recovery is an integral  part of any training regime as it can can keep blood flowing to help muscles recover and repair from intense physical activity. 

Some benefits include:

  • reducing lactic acid buildup in muscles

  • eliminating toxins

  • keeping muscles flexible

  • reducing soreness

  • increasing blood flow

  • helping you maintain your exercise routine

By participating in active recovery, you're helping decrease blood lactate in the body, aiding your muscles to feel less fatigued and to help keep you going. 


There are a few different ways to partake in active recovery exercise.

Different ways to partake in active recovery


Cooldown Following Workout

After a tough workout, you may want to stop and sit or lie down. But, if you keep moving, it can greatly help you recover. 

If you were weightlifting or doing high intensity interval training (HIIT), try our highend  stationary bike at an easy pace for a 10 - 30 minutes.  As an active cooldown, make sure you’re working at no more than 50 percent of your maximum effort. Gradually reduce your effort from there.

Active recovery doesn’t only include movement. You also can stretch and roll with our Hyper Rice Vibrating foam rollers over parts of your body and get additional benefits. 

If your muscles are sore, the Hyperice vibrating foam rollers can also help relieve tightness, reduce inflammation, and increase your range of motion.


Rest Days

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain that you feel a day or two after a particularly strenuous workout.

This soreness is thought to occur as a result of microscopic damage to the muscle fibres that were worked during the exercise.

You can still participate in active recovery 1 -2 days post a workout.

Try a 30 minute easy ride on our stationary bike, 15 minutes of stretching using our yoga mats, blocks and bands, a heated massage with our Hyperice Back and Shoulder wearables or self-massage each muscle group for 2-3 minutes with our Theragun Percussive massager 

Research has shown that all of the above can break up fibrous adhesions, relaxing tight muscles and significantly reducing soreness.



Active recovery exercises are generally considered safe. If you’re in pain and suspect you have an injury, avoid active recovery and seek medical advice. 

A doctor or a physical therapist may recommend forms of active recovery including stretches or cycling as you recover from an injury.

During active recovery, make sure you aren’t working harder than about 50 percent of your maximum effort. This will give your body the chance it needs to

Rest | Recover | Rejuvenate