Work up a Sweat With an Infrared Sauna as Part of Your Wellness Routine

Here Are 7 Reasons to Try our Infrared Sauna

Can’t figure out that one thing your wellness routine is missing? Don’t sweat it! True North Float is here to heat things up—literally! Adding an infrared sauna and chromotherapy into your self-care ritual may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Step into a 45-minute session and reap the seven benefits of incorporating an infrared sauna into your wellness routine. The results will have you glowing inside and out!

1 | Kick Back and Relax

No matter who you are, everyone could use an hour to themselves. Infrared saunas promote relaxation and improved sleep with soothing heat, leaving you feeling fully refreshed. “Each session includes access to our private Sauna studio and full spectrum Infrared Sauna. Enjoy complimentary towels, filtered water, herbal tea and a Smart TV with Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Spotify etc all whilst you sweat.

Did you know: True North Float offers various pricing including an introductory offer to new guests! You can try us out for 3 sessions and feel the benefits for yourself for only $135. “We strive to make the sauna accessible by offering casual sessions, the Intro pack, multi-packs and Memberships so you can benefit from a regular sauna practice.

2 | Everyone Is Detoxing About It

The infrared sauna heat helps release built-up toxins in the body by increasing blood circulation, which helps stimulate sweat glands. The infrared waves penetrate our body on a cellular level, resulting in a deep detox and increased metabolism. These toxins are then carried out via sweat and waste. This process helps you feel good from the inside out!

Did you know: That aside from our dedication to the best in class sauna experience, Our sauna is full-spectrum for maximum benefits. “Full-spectrum meaning near, mid and far-infrared waves are being absorbed through the skin and muscle tissue which improves skin health, increases oxygen delivery and blood circulation, decreases inflammation and relieves pain on a muscular level…

3 | Go A-Weigh

Does burning calories while literally sitting down sound like a good work out? We thought so! Regular use of the sauna can be as effective as doing a cardio workout. How? Your body will be working hard to produce sweat which is meant to cool you off. At the same time, your heart will be pumping harder to increase circulation, thus burning calories and boosting metabolism. This isn’t just water weight loss—we are talking 200- 600 calories per session!

4 | Warm Reception

The deep heat causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow. This helps carry waste and toxins out, while bringing in oxygen-rich blood to muscles in need. This helps your muscles recover faster. The heat also reduces muscle soreness and helps relieve muscle tension. It is a natural way to have pain management as muscles relax more when their tissues are warm.

Did you know: That our suana can reach a temp of 70 degrees. On average we recommend 60 degrees for 45 minutes however for guests that are brand new, we would always suggest starting at 50 degrees and slowly working your way up. It is proven that the benefits compound with increased frequency and regularity of usage—and we always recommend coming in well-hydrated.

5 | Quick Cleanse

As you relax through a session, which is 45 minutes at an average temperature of 60 degrees, naturally your core body temperature is going to increase. This increase replicates a fever scenario in your body, which is your bodies natural defence mechanism to fight off infection. So when your core body temp increases in the suana, you're benefiting from improved immune health by fighting off bad or infectious germs in your body, while also detoxifying and cleaning out bad toxins. It is almost like an internal body cleanse.

6 | Pore It Out

All of the sweat you will be pumping out during the 45-minute session helps carry out deep impurities in your pores and clear out dead skin cells. After the session, your skin feels soft and looks glowing and clean. Your increased circulation also brings natural nutrients to the surface which help improve your skin’s tone, colour, texture and elasticity. This increased circulation also helps with acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and cuts. But wait, there is more! The sauna also helps with cellulite reduction! Your increased heart rate and blood circulation also helps stop fatty deposits and liquid accumulating in fat cells, all of which reduces the appearance of cellulite.

7 | Counting Sleep

Aside from relaxing muscle tension and calming your nervous system, these sessions also include chromotherapy to maximise t

he benefits. But what is chromotherapy? “Chromotherapy or colour light therapy is a technique of restoring balance in our physiology through exposure to coloured light on the body, through the skin and eyes. Our sauna feature six colours to choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Each colour is visible to the eye but it also has its own frequency, a form of vibrational energy that will have various therapeutic effects on our body and mind. For example, the blue light encourages relaxation, therefore it is a good choice to help promote better sleep, It is a calming light that can help improve melatonin levels naturally, helping you fall asleep on your own.

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