How To Heal Your Holiday Sunburn

Did the weekend / your holiday leave you with sunburn?

What a beautiful Melbourne weekend, perfect for being outdoors, cycling the city trail, barbecuing or having a dip at the beach or pool. For those with fair skin however, this was prime time for sunburn.

Here are four ways to treat the burn and feel better fast:

  • Aloe. A tried and true remedy, aloe is a cooling, hydrating gel. For the purest gel, purchase an aloe plant—they aren't very expensive—and cut off a stalk as needed. Scoop the gel out with a spoon, rub it on your skin for relief, and rinse with cool water.

  • Coconut oil. A little goes a long way, but the fatty acids of the coconut oil go right to work repairing damaged skin cells while providing key moisture and a hint of natural SPF.

  • Hydrate. Adequate hydration is extremely important when healing sunburn, since our bodies are made up of mostly water. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, or drink coconut water with a squeeze of lime for a fruity alternative.

  • Spend time in a sauna. Infrared saunas penetrate the skin by more than an inch, stimulating new cell growth and encouraging the body to rid itself of toxins, including the free radicals that result from sunburn. One session in a sauna can dramatically reduced pain from sunburn.

If you have never used an infrared sauna, don't worry, it's nothing like the traditional group sauna / steam rooms at the local rec centre.

At True north Float you have your own private sauna studio.

You can choose to listen to music, binge on your favourite Netflix, Stan or Amazon show, mediate, read a book or just relax in the quiet space.

Be sure to hydrate before you visit, as you will get a good, clean and healthy sweat on. Session last 45 minutes and you have the private studio for 60 minutes to allow your core body temperature to naturally cool.

If you’re looking to tackle that sun damage and reveal healthier, younger-looking skin, click the link to a faster recovery and also—don't forget the sunscreen next time ;-)