Discover How Float Therapy Boosts Your Immune System

Any time of the year is perfect for giving your immune system a boost, but Autumn is an ideal time to do so. With the kids back to school and adults returning to the office, ensuring your immune system is ready to ward off infections and disease is paramount.

As avid floaters might know already, there are plenty of benefits associated with floatation therapy including improved immune health.

How Floatation Therapy Boosts Your Immune System

Sensory isolation (sensory deprivation) in a floatation tank can help induce deep relaxation and is known for many positive health effects in patients with stress, muscle tension or chronic pain. Research shows that stress, depression, anxiety, and pain are significantly reduced among participants, with all of the benefits naturally improving the state of our immune system.

While many things can affect our immune system, stress, particularly cortisol, can negatively harm our immune health. This is because cortisol can suppress the immune system’s effectiveness in fighting off infections and bacteria by interfering with regular white blood cell communication. According to a report by the American Psychological Association, long-term stress weakens the responses of our immune system. This is why people with high levels of stress tend to get colds more than two to three times a year, experience gastrointestinal problems, and tend to be more prone to infections.

Floatation therapy can effectively help control stress and anxiety, keeping cortisol levels under control

How float therapy breaks the cycle

Unfortunately, not everyone can change their life situation to reduce their exposure to stress. What everyone can do, however, is change their approach to managing stress.

It’s been well established that making floatation therapy a regular part of your wellness routine can help to ease stress and anxiety. Additionally, M.C. Flux has found in his research that the more anxious you are, the more your immune system can benefit from floating.

It’s hard to understate how important these findings are. “These results have never been seen anywhere before,” Flux said. “They’re amazing.”

How to Maximise Your Float Therapy Session

Each time you visit our floatation tank, be sure to consider these tips to maximise your session and boost your immune system at the same time:

  • Add an Immune Booster hypno-float session to your regular practice. The exclusive pre-recored session will start boosting your immune system to enable you to get through any challenging time, feeling healthier and stronger.

  • Practice meditation in the tank: while spending time alone will help decrease stress levels and anxiety, pairing your session with a meditation practice will increase the benefits and enhance your floating therapy experience.

  • Get more time in the tank: increase your time in the float tank whenever you feel your immune system might need an extra hand. You can do this by booking longer sessions or incorporating additional float sessions into your healthcare routine.

Tips for boosting your immune system

With all of this in mind, here are some healthy strategies to add to your routine in order to strengthen your immune system:

  • Float regularly to decrease stress

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – citrus, dark leafy greens, berries, garlic

  • Exercise regularly

  • Add Infrared Sauna sessions to your wellness routine

  • Add an Immune Booster IV Vitamin Infusion to your wellness routine. includes B-Complex, Vitamin C & Amino acids, + add Vitamin D and Zinc also

  • Get plenty of sleep – 7+ hours per night

  • Add NormaTec Lymphatic Drainage sessions to your wellness routine

  • Limit your alcohol consumption

As we say farewell to our late Melbourne summer and get ourselves ready for the dramatic change in weather, don’t forget to book your immune boosting sessions session with True North Float, we’re here to help you stay healthy and prevent illness.

Book a float today and give your immune system the boost it needs to help you stay relaxed, healthy, and ready for the new season!