Our Story


As a couple we worked hard and played hard, travelled the world and generally lived life to the fullest. 

Starting a family later in life, we are now totally focussed on self care and being healthy in body, mind and spirit. 

Having worked in high-pressure careers for over 2 decades, we understand the negative impact stress can have in all our lives. We continually explored  techniques such as meditation and various forms of Yoga, to destress and bring calmness and balance to our lives. 

In 2016 we discovered floating and immediately recognised the benefits. Like anything new it took practice (3 floats) to harness the power of each subsequence experience, however we were quick to learn that it was the easiest way to reach a deep state of relaxation, to destress and to feel fully energised and rejuvenated after each float.


We loved that there were no rules to floating (except don't pee in the pod) no sequences to learn, no distractions, so it was simple to achieve immediate results.


For me, there is truely nothing on this earth that compares to the feeling of effortlessly floating, in magnesium rich (Pure Epsom Salts), skin temperature water . It is absolute bliss.

For my wife, being able to float through 2 pregnancies (pregnancy floats)was an absolute godsend. 

In 2018 we added Infrared therapy to our wellness regime and it has  perfectly complemented float therapy. It harmonises the body, alleviates chronic pain, speeds up post workout recovery and aides the detoxification of impurities.   

The two practices have inspired us to live the life we love,  helped us prioritise our own health and mindfulness, achieve true mental & physical wellbeing and to understand it's OK to unplug from a stressful, hectic & overstimulated world

These two natural and profound practices were too good to not share with the wider community. We wanted to make these therapies available to as many people as we possibly could as we know first hand how quickly they can create positive transformations for anyone.


And that... Is how True North Float was born.


Today we offer you the opportunity to float in a premium and spacious float pod (Dreampod) housed in our private and beautifully appointed float suite. 


Or you can unwind in our stunning Sauna studio and benefit from all the goodness infrared therapy has to offer in our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna.  

We are really proud of the tranquil sanctuary we have created at True North Float and we look forward to sharing it with you.