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IV Vitamin Therapy

Fuel your life and do more of what you love. Our IV Drip Therapy infuses Hartmans or Saline with essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids . Whether you’re recharging your immune sytem with Myers Cocktail, enhance your performance capabilities with perfomance energy  Or bounce back from a hangover with Recover -our extensive menu of drip ingredients give you every opportunity to take your wellness further than you thought possible.


IV Vitamin Therapy is a fast and effective way to deliver vital vitamins and nutrients straight into your blood stream without having to be absorbed into your digestive system. This allows up to 100% of absorption therefore meaning you can notice the benefits almost instantly.

Along with the primary IV infusions below, Drip IV also provides custom supplementations and intramuscular IM booster shots.


You will receive a free consultation before and on the day of your booking with your nurse to ensure the correct treatment is administered.

Why IV Vitamin Infusions with us

Housed within our Wellness and Recovery Studio is a beautifully appointed treatment room which allows for an all Inclusive experience for up to 6 people including filtered water, herbal tea and Big screen TV with all streaming services.  Our experienced and professional registered nurse is ready to go above and beyond in making your experience with us, one of absolute bliss.

The combination of our carefully curated spaces, experienced staff and Drip IV Vitamin Infusions, ensures you will rejuvenate both body and mind so you can move better, feel better & live better.

IV Vitamin Infusion, Drip IV Australia, IV Vitamins Melbounre, Best IV Vitamins, Safe IV Vitamins

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IV Vitamin Benefits

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Boost energy levels

  • improve mental clarity & cognitive function

  • Enhance your mood

  • Combat free radicals

  • Detox your blood, kidney and liver

  • Protect cells from ageing

Vitamin IV Infusions