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What is Hypno-Float Therapy?

Float Therapy refers to the practice of effortlessly floating in a float pod, filled with skin temperature water and 550kgs of Magnesium, rich Epsom Salts.  A regular 60 minute float session can be enjoyed in silence, with ambient music or with a combination of both.

The Float Pod environment naturally restricts the majority of sensory input to our brain, allowing our conscious mind to relax, and our unconscious mind to open, creating a state of hyper suggestibility and super learning.

Hypnotherapy creates the potential for positive shifts and updates to our outdated programs of beliefs and values that may be impacting our quality of life, mental health and wellbeing.

Hypno-Float Therapy combines a Float session with a self hypnosis recording, that is specifically designed and professionally recorded for the exclusive use in our Float Pod. 

Your 60 minute Hypno-Float session consists of intro music, your chosen self hypnosis track and a period of time with music only. This format has been carefully crafted  to enable you to deeply relax  throughout your float session, allowing for further integration, processing and association with your self hypnosis experience.

Hypno-Floating is an ideal option for people who enjoy meditation, who find it difficult to relax and switch off or for anyone that has noticed a  decline in their mental / physical health and wellbeing.

With this unique Hypno-Float combination,  Our clients are able to achieve long-lasting, profound and rapid change so you are empowered to shift from just surviving to thriving in your everyday life. 


Meet Your

Meet the Voice and talent behind your Hypno-Float session.


Conny, is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Integrative Life Coach specialising. in Anxiety Relief, Childhood Trauma Relief and weight-loss.

Conny suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years and understands how debilitating it can be. She also knows how liberating it is when you are free and can overcome it.


That is why she is so  passionate about this work and helping people break free. 


Her own healing journey has led her to study for the past 10 years so she can now share with you a combination of traditional & modern hypnotic therapies, NLP, Neuroscience of the brain and EFT. 


Conny has  trained with many leading expert in the industry and has created multiple successful programs that have helped clients from all over the world to thrive in life.

Hypno-Float Sessions


Stress Relief

We all experience stress at some point, it's a natural part of our life journey and something we can't avoid.  


What's Important is how we react in stressful situations.


What if with the power of suggestion your were able to conquer stress? To block it and to knock it out of your life forever?


Add this hypnosis to your floating experience and get into a resourceful state to deal with the stresses that life throws at you. 

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Immunity Boost

Our immune system is our first line of defence. Lack of sleep, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to compromised immune health.


What if your mind was able to create strategies to naturally boost your immune system?

This Hypno-float session will start boosting your immune system to make your body healthier and stronger to enable you to get through any challenging time, feeling  healthier and stronger

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Stop Procrastination & start actioning

We all know there are times in our life where we should be doing something but we just don’t do it. Maybe it's because we think we don’t have the knowledge or skills. Maybe we are scared or we have a lack of motivation. Maybe we are feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know how to do it.


We all experience this at some point in our life.

So now it’s the time for you to change these old bad habits that cause you to procrastinate into new, empowering habits.


This Hypno-Float session will assist you in setting goals and achieving in your life what you really want to achieve... No more excuses.


Money Magnet

The key to having an abundance of money is your thoughts and your beliefs about money.


How much money you have begins in your own mind. In this Hypno-Float session, you will learn how to focus your mind to eliminate any negative emotions and limiting beliefs, any blocks, any barriers you have around having or making a lot of money. 

Start conditioning yourself to having an abundance of money.


Become a money magnet and create the life you truly desire. 

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Boost Your Self Love

It's time for you to see how amazing you are, to see that you are worthy, to see how deserving you are! It’s time to change this critical negative thinking about yourself into some positive empowering thoughts.


It's time to eliminate all that negative self talk and transcend into positive, inspiring and uplifting self talk.


It’s time to start loving yourself and thriving in life.


This beautiful Hypno-Float Session will help you create the self love and life you deserve.


Create Joy

Joy is one of the most important elements in our life. Joy effects our mood, our health and our wellbeing.


Joy is a choice purposefully made, it's a decision and it can be felt in the most difficult times of our lives.


Gratitude, creativity and purpose are the three key things that contribute to a joyous life.


In this Hypno-Float session you will learn how to active those 3 elements and how  you can to create more joy in your life.

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Do you have  unclear boundaries and just can’t say no.

Do you often worry that if you say no that you will lose the people around you or let them down?


Most people put themselves last. 

However we can’t give from an empty cup. 


In this Hypno-Float session you will learn how to start setting clear boundaries and learn how to put yourself first.