Float Benefits

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Pain Relief

Floatation Therapy reduces stiffness & tenderness in the muscles and alleviates symptoms of chronic pain symptoms caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis & migraines. It also provides relief of discomfort from pre-menstrual & pregnancy symptoms.

Stress Relief

Floating is a very effective strategy to reach deep states of meditation and relaxation. Sensory Deprivation increases dopamine & serotonin production (pleasure & pain-killer hormones) which help to reduce anxiety, depression & nervousness


Insomnia Relief

Floating is an effective strategy to help with sleep disorders (one hour in the float tank can be equivalent to 4 hours sleep), and is also known to aid in the reduction of symptoms of

jet-lag by resetting sleep patterns and concentrating on sleep loss.


Floating promotes blood circulation through the entire body, reducing inflammation, stress hormones & heart rate. Achieving deep rest during the recovery stage of muscle repair and growth can enhance athletic performance by improving muscle recovery time and eliminating fatigue.


Mental Focus

Floating induces a Theta brainwave state and improves the connection of the right (creative) and left (analytical) hemispheres of the brain. The result is increased mental clarity & alertness, energy, motivation, productivity, creativity, insight & inspiration.

Physical Wellness

Floating boosts endorphins and heightens your senses allowing you to smell, taste, hear, and feel your world in a whole new way. The benefits of salt therapy are also known to soften and heal skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase lustre of hair to make you glow inside and out.


Float Introductory

New to Floating?

Try our Intro Pack

The more you can relax during a float, the more pronounced the results and this is typically achieved by the 3rd float. We recommend scheduling 1 float per week to experience the full benefits. We believe in this so strongly that we offer the 3rd float for free. This package is limited to one per new guest – non-shareable.

$160 - Save $80


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