A guide to your first float

Our immune systems are made up of organs, cells and chemicals that fight the microbial infections we’re exposed to every day. Our white blood cells, antibodies, lymphatic system, spleen, thymus and bone marrow all battle to keep us healthy, using the nutrients and vitamins we supply through our food to power their systems.

In modern life, our immune systems take a beating. We’re eating a smaller range of foods, spending more time indoors, and spending more time in close proximity to one another. Fortunately, RLabs enables you to utilise the power of science and technology in boosting your immune system and readying your body for the many challenges it faces in trying to keep you healthy.

The right tools, the right team and the right vision

If you’re wanting to increase the strength of your immune system, our expert staff and nurses will be able to create a tailor-made treatment plan to help you feel amazing. Whether you choose to go with a vitamin boost from an IV drip, a detoxing infrared sauna or an icy-cold cryotherapy session, RLabs can bring tomorrow into today for you with our range of cutting-edge treatments.

Why Float with us

Housed within our tranquil sanctuary is our private & luxurious float suite which boasts the world’s most premium and advanced float pod on the market (Dreampod). Our service is all inclusive (shower, towels, silicon earplugs, toiletries +30 minutes in the float suite and unlimited time in our chill-out areas) to give you the ultimate float experience.

The combination of our carefully curated spaces, experienced staff and float experience ensures you will move better, feel better & live better... today! 

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Revolutionise your Rest | Recovery | Rejuvenation

Pre-float recommendations

Avoid eating or drinking anything substantial at least 2 hours before floating.

Avoid caffeine or alcohol or any chemical stimulants 4 hours before floating as they may disrupt your relaxation.

Avoid smoking 2 hour before floating

Avoid shaving on the same day of your float. Your skin may be a little sensitive when floating in the highly concentrated Epsom Salt water.

Avoid colour treatment of your hair at least 14 days before your float.

Avoid spray tans 10 days before your float

Post-float recommendations

Floating puts you gently in a different state of consciousness, one that’s meditative and has characteristics of the consciousness of sleep. Your body and mind undergo a level of relaxation that may be new for you.

To maximise the benefits of this experience, and keep you from feeling jarred by re-entry to the world, make sure you give yourself at least an hour on the other side of your float session to gradually recover and reflect on the experience.

You can head off and bask in that post-float glow or stick around for as long as you like and enjoy a Peppermint tea, chat about your experience / add an entry into our journal to share your experience with fellow first time floaters.

Empowerment is integral to each float   experience, which is why our guests remain in control of their  sessions from beginning to end.