Workplace Wellness

True North Float's workplace wellness offering is designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organisational culture of health. Offering a  wellbeing solution cultivates healthy habits among employees and improves health outcomes, boosts productivity, increases employee engagement and maximises HR investment.

Workplace Wellness Benefits


Improve Business Performance

It’s no surprise: healthy employees drive high-performing companies. By engaging employees in activities that promote health and wellbeing, True North Float is helping organisations increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, reduce safety incidents and attract and retain top talent


Build Great



Employee wellbeing is at the heart of every great company culture. Research shows that positive organisational culture drives more vitality across organisations.

True North Float helps companies build great places to work with flexible solutions that support your culture, values & business goals


Jump-start employee wellbeing to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs across your organisation. Your employees will be healthier and happier.

True North Float will  deliver better health outcomes that keep both your employees and your bottom line healthy.

It's a win-win. 


It only takes small lifestyle changes to  significantly influence overall health and wellbeing.  The addition of floatation and infrared therapies can be the shift required to trigger positive behaviours that lead your employees to healthier lifestyles.

Floatation and infrared therapies allow employees to naturally alleviate stress, reduce aches & pains, increase mental focus, stimulate creatively, boost performance and aide the overall sense of wellbeing in 45 - 60 minute sessions.  The characteristics of mentally and physically  healthy employees mirror the proven benefits experienced by floaters and sauna goers worldwide.

Get in touch to discuss what a tailored Workplace Wellness program could do for your employees and business.