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Revolutionise the way you Rest | Recover | Rejuvenate at True North Float.


Our cutting edge treatments are the ultimate, science-backed and proven methods to accelerate the natural healing and regeneration process so you can move better, feel better and live better... Today! 


Discover how our wellness & recovery treatments can effortlessly optimise your quality of life and offset the daily stressors and demands on your body and mind.

Floatation Therapy

Pain relief

Stress relief

Improved sleep

Accelerated Sports recovery

Improved mental focus

Boosted energy

Optimised wellness

Pregnancy aide

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Infrared Sauna

Boosted immune health



Muscle recovery / Chronic Pain Relief


Improved sleep

Reduced inflammation

Improved cardiovascular health

Improved skin

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Compression Therapy

Muscle recovery

Reduced soreness

Reduced swelling

Lymphatic drainage

Reduced inflammation

Improved circulation

Pain Relief

Improved range of motion.

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NAD+ & IV Vitamin Therapy

Repair & protect cells

Fight signs of ageing

Reduced risk of illness

Boosted cognitive function

Enhanced immune health

Increased energy

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Hypno-Float Therapy

Boost immune health

Manage stress

Create joy

Boost self love

Create healthy boundaries

Become a money magnet

Stop Procrastinating & start taking action

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Wellness & Recovery combos


Reduce stress

Accelerated sports recovery

Accelerated injury rehab

Improved overal wellbeing

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Recovery Zone

Manage pain

Improve circulation

Enhance athletic performance

Break down scar tissue

Aid recovery from injury

Reduce DOMS

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